Sunday, September 27, 2020

Solar Lights, Hot Dog Roasting Sticks, and TP

I belong to a black powder shooting club that owns forty acres in Pike County, Indiana.
Recently, we discovered that a homeless man from around the area has discovered our camp and has made it his home from time to time while no one is around.

A while back, one of our members discovered him and politely asked him to leave and never come back. We then put up a trail camera to monitor the club house and road.  This weekend, we discovered that a solar light from the outhouse, all the toilet paper, a handful of hot dog roasting sticks, AND the trail cam have gone missing.  

There really is no moral to this story.  No Carpe diem lesson.  Just a story.

Which brings me around to camping this weekend.  

I usually camp in a primitive canvas tent to reenact pre-1840 history.  This weekend I broke out a new “modern” tent that purchased to someday use on an overnight with grandson.

Camping.  There are a lot of invaluable life lesson to learn from camping.  
  • First, it’s great to unplug.  If social media is a cancer, nature is the remedy. 

  • Camping builds and strengthens bonds — especially around a campfire.

  • Nature wakens your senses (it’s a little scary, which is good for you).

  • You tend to bring too much stuff, but never exactly what you need.
  • So, Camping challenges you to adapt, improvise and overcome.
  • Cooking with fire is primal and just damn awesome.   
  • Sleeping out under the stars awakens a spiritual bond.

Today I’m back to civilization (or un-civil civilization) and I’m continuing my not-calling-it-a-boycott boycott of the NFL.  Instead of watching a game, I’m going to spend three hours cleaning up my camp gear and getting ready for the next adventure. 

Carpe diem Life,
David Kuhn

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