Sunday, October 18, 2020

Week 6: xobparc

 And, I might add:  aidem laicos !

According to Robert Ringer (see last week's post), there is an organized conspiracy that revolves around a device whose purpose is to dull our senses and steer us away from thoughts that might inspire us to take action to BETTER our existence.  The code word for this device is xobparc.  I'm adding aidem laicos  (which, by coincidence, is crapbox and social media spelled backward).

I can't even begin to tell you how much of my precious life I've given away to these desensitizing "eraf parc."  And the LFN has been big part of it.  No more!

I do have a CHOICE!

So, on today's agenda:
  • Create targets for my black powder muzzle loading club shoot next weekend.  Some of those targets involve created in the woodworking shop.  It's also our Primitive Camp, so I need to start preparing for that.
  • Pack to go up north to see older daughter and the grandkids (okay, and son-in-law, too).
  • Finally, after running some errands, a pizza dinner with younger daughter.  
Thank you Robert Ringer for reminding me that I do have a choice.  It's up to me to start taking constructive action -- instead of watching over-paid athletes.  
Carpe diem Life,
David Kuhn 

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