Saturday, May 2, 2020

Back On Track and

Carpe diem Life!

Indiana has announced its "roadmap" for getting back on track.  In fact, Gov. Holcomb used that "roadmap" and "course" language in his address yesterday.  In many ways, it's the Carpe diem Life map.

Choose where we want to be (back to normal)
Action List (what we'll need to get there)
Resources (people, businesses, hospitals, testing, information...)
Persistent Action (beginning May1)
Evaluation (evaluating each step along the way)

Direction (are we still on course or do we need to take a detour?)
Improvement (what can we do to improve the current situation and future events?)
Enjoy the process (stay calm and find ways to help yourself and others during this process)
My Responsibility (it's each of our responsibilities to stay safe and to keep others safe)


Be safe out there.

Carpe diem Life,
David Kuhn

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