Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snow Thoughts

There is something about snow that always brings me back to my childhood: I could not wait to put a couple of bread sacks between two layers of socks and get out in it. Out in it till the point that I couldn’t wait to get back in the warm house -- hours and hours later.

This morning, as I looked out the window at the current wonderland, I saw them: Snow Diamonds = ice crystals sparkling in the sunshine. Interesting, at least to me, is how only a handful of crystals choose to sparkle for me at any given time. Out of thousands of square yards of snow blanketing the backyard and field behinds us, only a handful of “diamonds” sparkle at any given time. I see them as tiny glimmers (reminders) that there is still beauty in this world.  

We’ve been reminded over and over this past year that, as Sara Raasch is quoted, “Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.”  A blizzard started with a virus, a blizzard started with a brutal killing, a blizzard started with words . . .

Blizzards disrupt our lives. Blizzards put our lives at a standstill. But, when the blizzard is over and the sun shines, there are glimmers of hope.  

Blizzards offer of day or two of slowing down -- giving us time to reflect our inner light — or at least a reflection on how we can offer little “diamonds” to brighten the lives of our fellow “flakes” in this sometimes frozen world.

In the meantime,
    -- Frank Zappa

Do people still save bread sacks for playing in the snow?

Carpe diem Life,
David Kuhn

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