Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I have no answers except "Belum"

Interesting Times.  With more questions than answers.
And one thing I've observed is that Americans want answers - NOW!

I'm reminded of an essay that Robert Fulghum published way back in the '80s.  "In Indonesia," he wrote, "there is a word in common use that nicely wires around the need for black and white.  Belum is the word and it means 'not quite yet.' A lovely word implying continuing possibility."

I think we need more Belum these days.

Q) Do you know exactly how you're going to stop this COVID-19 outbreak?
A) Belum

Q) Do you know if our economy is going to collapse?
A) Belum

Q) Do you know when it will end?
A) Belum

Not yes or not, but within the realm of might be.  Maybe so, maybe not. We shall see.

Q) What are we going to do with no NCAA Tournament, no concerts, no restaurants, no . . .

Belum.  But, here are a few suggestions:

No NCAA?  Get a basketball and shoot some hoops at a playground.
No concert?  Pick up an instrument and learn to play something.  Old Vaudeville joke:  Q) Do you play the violin?  A) I don't know, I never tried.
No Restaurants?  Get our your mom's or grandma's recipe box and fix a dish. 
No gyms?  Take a hike.
No movies out?  Get out the video recorded and make one with your kids or grandkids. 

Q) Is it as hopeless as the media would like us to think?  A) Belum

In the meantime, Carpe diem Life!

David Kuhn

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