Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I'm Back to Shake You Up

I'm back!

Been too long since I last wrote.  But, I'm back.  At least for today.
The above images are from our recent trip to Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (Kentucky's largest National Historic Landmark).

In 1805, Shaker missionaries travelled to central Kentucky from New England.  Within the year, their converts, the first Kentucky Shakers, began to gather near what would become the village of Pleasant Hill.  Shakers, a celibate, religious society, is an interesting study; I encourage to take a trip to Shaker Village to immerse yourself in their world -- if just for a day.

A couple of their big professions are SIMPLICITY and ORDER -- something I'm woefully in need of.  Maybe that's why I'm so fascinated with their lifestyle.  I'll pass along notes and thoughts about the Shakers from time to time.  This is one:

"The world at large can scarcely keep pace with itself in its styles and fashions which last but a short time, when something still more worthless or absurd takes its place." -- Brother Owen Haskins.

Just something to shake you up and think about.

Carpe diem Life,

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