Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Rainbows and Mobbing

Dateline: Our House, 4 A.M. 
Hooting sound right outside our window (at least it sounded as if it were right outside our window).

Hooting:  “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?”

I love this distinctive hooting call of the Barred Owl — even when it rattles me out of bed at 4 A.M.

Turn the page a couple of hours.

This morning’s “coffee on the deck” session was shared with a host of other birds.  A rainbow of colors (though I doubt it had anything to do with Noah’s Ark, Gay Pride, or NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon’s old team).  This morning’s lineup included: Goldfinches, Chickadees, Cardinals, Eastern Bluebirds, Blue Jays, Pileated Woodpecker (heard in the distance), and WAY up in the sky a small bird harassing a larger bird like a WWI aerial dogfight.

What’s up with that?  Have you ever see that before.  Truth be told, I’ve seen it a few times — just never stopped to think about it.  Turns out that there is a name for it:  Mobbing!

Smaller birds chase predators out of their territories so that they will be safer. Mobbing usually does not harm the larger bird, although you may see blackbirds or kingbirds making contact with crows, hawks, or herons as they drive them off. 


Been seeing that a lot these days with humans.  Funny thing though, we humans seem to do it not to protect and feel safe but to destroy. 

Guess our little birds back in the nest are on their own to try to make sense of it all.

Carpe Diem Life,
David Kuhn

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